Ina Lipman

Executive Director, Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia

Ina is currently the Executive Director for Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia. As CSFP continues to grow to meet a high demand, the nonprofit plans to partner with other nonprofit institutions that can provide additional services and support to families. In addition to refining and improving CSFP’s evaluation tools and performance outcomes, Ina has been focused on working to determine how CSFP can leverage its support to more than 170 diverse schools.

In 2002, CSFP provided $1.3 million in scholarship support to just over 1,700 students. In 2014, thanks to the success of its Campaign for 10,000 Children, CSFP provided almost $9 million in scholarship support to more than 5,000 children.

Prior to joining the Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia, Ina was the Executive Director of The Peggy Browning Fund, a nationally based non-profit organization serving law students and worker rights groups.
Ina is an attorney with an extensive background in educational advocacy and organization building. She has worked for groups that have included the Greater Philadelphia First’s Children Achieving and Health Partners. She has a B.A. from University of Connecticut and a J.D. from Temple University School of Law.