One Chance Illinois is based on a simple notion: kids only get one chance at a quality education. When it comes to a child’s education, there are no do-overs.

We seek to change the education policy conversation. Today, too many education thought leaders and talking heads argue about which type of school is best able to serve children. Instead, parents must be empowered to choose the best school for their child.

Let’s be clear — we do not favor one school type over another. Instead we support access to great schools and educational opportunities for all kids. Period.

Most importantly, we believe in realistic solutions– always putting children first and working with educators who need to implement them.

We need Illinoisans to join us and demand access to better schools and educational opportunities for all students across the state.



Motivated by his family’s own experience needing high-quality options for his son’s unique learning needs, Dan Vosnos joined One Chance Illinois – Action in 2022 as Executive Director.

Dan made this transition after a successful 20-year career as an educational administrator. During that time, Dan developed an unrelenting desire to grow, learn, and influence the school and community culture for which he served. He fostered a willingness and ability to view issues and matters from different lenses and perspectives. His experiences in education enhanced his vision of the whole student, as well as the critical role parents play in their children’s development. Over his 20-years in education, Dan acquired an appreciation to work collaboratively with various stakeholders, implementing processes that built consensus to move people in specific directions, all the while asking, “What is right for kids? What is best for kids?”

As a husband and father, Dan understands the challenges parents face when it comes to finding the best education for their children, particularly students with unique learning abilities. He is the proud father of a 3-year-old son with Down syndrome and a 6-month-old daughter. Led by his desire to provide the right educational setting for both his children, Dan moved his family from Chicago to the suburbs.

Advocating for his son provided Dan a new lens through which he personally experienced the impact various educational policies have on unique learners. Today, he is channeling his experiences to bridge conversations between the general education community and the unique abilities community and has become a passionate advocate for all students.

Dan earned a bachelor’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan University where he was a four-year football letterman, and a master’s degree in administration from National Louis University. He and his family live in Glenview, Illinois.


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